• Eco-Friendly
• EPA Approved
• Essential oil based product
• Can be applied on any type of surface
• No specialized labour required


Essenzio makes it easy to conserve architectural and cultural assets in an environmentally-friendly manner. The product is a blend of essential oils that destroy weeds and moss on the cellular level. Made mainly from oregano and thyme extracts, it replaces toxic and invasive products. The product is biodegradable and biocompatible and does not suppress the growth of moss or burn the top layer.

Being a product made with natural extracts, Essenzio is safe to use on all types of structures and artifacts to remove: moss, algae, lichens and fungi. It can be used on: asphalt, cement, bricks, sidewalks, curbs, roofs, terraces, greenhouse glass, stone artifacts, pottery, and stone walls/floors. It does not leave halos or unpleasant odours and does not require application to be preformed by skilled labour.


European Directive 98/8/EC, Decree of the President of the Italian Republic 392/98 and Italian Legislative Decree no. 174/2000 have reduced the use and spread of traditional biocidal products over the past few years, thereby promoting the use of natural substances resulting in protection of people and the environment.


- Shake the product prior to use.
- Do not dilute product
- Apply by back-pack sprayer or garden sprayer
- Do not exceed pressure greater than 7 PSI (0.5 bar)


A litre of product treats 4-6 m2 of surface (with average porosity); the yield can vary according to the amount of weeds and their thickness. After 24-48 hours, if you notice green spots under the treated layer has turned brown, focus on that area and re-apply. In optimal situations, the effectiveness is visible to the naked eye after the first 90 minutes. However, complete drying can take place within 5-10 days.